Salted Almonds With Summer Truffle are fantastic snacks and perfect for an aperitif with a cocktail or G&T. You can also enjoy this snack with Plantin’s excellent carrot, tomato and summer truffle spread

Overall, this combination of flavours between the delicate and refined truffle taste and the sweet crunch of the almond will give you a unique result that you won’t get enough of! 

Moreover, the packaging is very premium which makes it a great gourmet present for any foodie or as a present for truffle-lovers.

French, Spanish, and Italian regions are home to the fresh summer truffle, also known as the Scorzone truffle. It is generally larger and firmer than the black truffle and is light and crisp. In addition to a slight hazelnut flavour, it offers delicate mushrooms and earthy aromas.

Founded in 1930 in the heart of Provence in South-Eastern France by Marcel Plantin, the eponymous brand Plantin is a purveyor of the best quality truffles and woodland mushroom varieties around the globe. They source from the best artisan producers who are experts and passionate about what they do and, they supply to top world restaurants, deli shops and gourmet food distributors.

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Ingredients: almonds 86%, egg white, fleur de sel de Camargue 2.5%, natural flavour, dried summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) 1.15%

Allergens: Nuts, Eggs


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