Loch Fyne exclusively sources farmed salmon from Global G.A.P approved farms on Loch Fyne and selected lochs in Scotland to ensure the highest farming standards for the fish and its environment. Loch Fyne has been using traditional techniques to hand cure the salmon. They mix refined brown sugar and sea salt, then smoke it over oak shavings from retired whisky casks, which gives salmon a mild, delicate flavour and moist texture.

Whisky Marinated Smoked Salmon is the winner of the Great Taste Awards 2015 2 stars. It is cured in a mixture of sea salt and cane sugar then marinated in a specially selected 21 year old malt whisky from Glengoyne. 

The salmon delicately smoked using shavings from retired whisky casks to add smoky overtones and complete the character of the product.

Best served when removed from pack 10 minutes before serving.

Loch Fyne salmon has been multi-award-winning.

Allergens: Fish 


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