Rougie is a brand with the history starting from 1875 when they opened their first gourmet shop in France. By 1950’s they became an international brand owned by the family Rougie. This premium brand can be found in 120 countries and beloved by the professional chefs.

Duck are growing free-range for 12 weeks, all individually hand-fed 2 meals a day for 11-11 days. They fed with the local corn, without hormone or antibiotics allowing to achieve the tastiest and healthiest Moulard duck products.

Goose Foie Gras Block is a delicious delicacy treat for such occasions like Christmas and New Year. Goose Foie Gras has a very rich and smooth texture. The best served on a warm baguette or slice of brioche. This Foie Gras is a perfect paired with a glass of fresh and light champagne.

Origin: France


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Goose Foie Gras