West Country Beef is raised in one of England's richest farming environments. Fed on a lush grass fed diet and herb forage, the flavour represents what's great about British Beef.

The Hereford is one of the oldest British native breeds of cattle. Over the past 300 years, herds having been roaming rural pastures producing the highest quality, free-range, grass-fed beef. 

Dry aged on the bone for 30 days, our butcher has trimmed and rolled this tender rib on the bone to the highest trade standards. 

Chefs Tip: Bring out 2 hours before cooking, season generously. In a hot skillet, sear the meat sides till golden brown. Place in preheated 220C oven, cook for 15 mins then turn own to 150C and cook for another 90 mins or until internal temperature reaches 45C. Rest for 15-20 mins.  


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