All of our USDA Prime beef is 100% certified Black Angus, finished on grain, barley and corn for 100-120 days to improve the abundance of marbling. Hormone free beef from Nebraska, renowned for being the heartland of American beef farming.

Carved from the fore rib of the beef, ribeye is enhanced significantly from the natural ‘eye’ of fat in the muscle that caramelises and tenderises the meat, leaving it flavoursome and never dry. Due to the intense marbling, when cooked medium the fat melts leaving the steak buttery and tender.

Chefs Tip: Bring out 2 hours before cooking, season generously. In a hot skillet, sear all sides till golden brown. Place in preheated 180C oven, cook for 45-60 mins or until internal temperature reaches 50C. Rest for 10-15 mins.


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