Argentina Sirloin Roast (2kg)

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Argentina Sirloin Roast (2kg)


The Carnes Pampeanas cattle are located near Santa Rosa city, province of La Pampa, Argentina, in the heart of the Pampean plains. This area is considered as the best for raising and feeding grass fed cattle, because of its weather and pastures. The sirloin comes from the lower portion of the animal's ribs, it sits just above the fillet.

The sirloin is a firm, leaner than the ribeye but a tender cut. It has a natural covering of fat on the top that helps to ensure as a roasting joint remains succulent and moist during cooking .

Chefs Tip: Bring out 2 hours before cooking, season generously. In a hot skillet, place the steak fat side down first to render the fat before searing the flat sides. Place in preheated 180C oven, cook for 45-60 mins or until internal temprature reaches 50C. Rest for 10-15 mins.


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