Westholme cattle are born wild and raised on some of Australia’s most iconic cattle stations. Vast pastures of Mitchell grass nourish our cattle where they roam free and are grain-fed proprietary blends to produce rich marbling, signature tenderness and a juicy steak, every time.

Westholme sirloin is a fantastic way to really capture the amazing qualities and flavours that this wonderful breed of cattle has to offer. It provides a truly fantastic texture and the marbling helps to produce a truly gorgeous and succulent piece of meat.

Chefs Tip: Season well with a touch of oil. In a hot skillet, place the steak fat side down first to render the fat before searing the flat sides. Reduce the heat and cook 3-4 mins each side for medium. Rest for 5-7 mins. Recommend cooking to medium to give the marbling a chance to melt and favour the meat.

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