Fable Food is Sydney, Australia based company.

Fable is based on shiitake mushrooms which make up 2/3 of the ingredient list. Along with black and white pepper, coconut oil, tapioca flour and gluten free soy sauce. 

Mushrooms have the same natural umami flavours that help make meat so appealing. But mushrooms are not just ridiculously tasty, they are incredibly nutritious too. 

Fable is all-natural ingredients, 62 % Shiitake Mushroom and minimally processed - no TVP or modified starch. What is different about Fable is that it replicates the taste and texture of slow cooked meats like pulled pork and braised beef. It is a great substitute in your favourite curry, pasta sauce, lasagne, burritos, burger, pie etc. 

Fable Launch at Dinner by Heston in Melbourne from Fable Food Co on Vimeo.


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