Raspberry Yoghurt (2X125g)

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Raspberry Yoghurt Ferme des Peupliers (2X125g)


Since 1947, Ferme des Peupliers has been dedicated to producing yoghurt, milky dessert and fromage frais according to traditional methods. The family owns a farm in Normandy, France, where the cows are bred and fed on quality diet, with no GMO, to produce superior-quality milk. They set up a local distribution channel to directly turn cow milk into yoghurt at the farm, in few hours. They extract milk, heat it in a bain-marie, then pour the warm milk in a yoghurt pot to preserve milk qualities and taste, before keeping the yoghurt in the cold room, a delight!

Awarded silver medal at the General Agricultural Competition of Paris in 2019.

100% Normandy cow’s milk. Raspberry Yoghurt is creamy with fresh, tasty raspberries.

Allergens: Milk


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