Bordier butter is made from milk produced in both organic and sustainable agriculture farms in Brittany and Normandy. They are the last company making butter by hand in wooden cylinder, which are then moulded by expert hands with palettes to preserve their texture. For this reason, it takes 3 days to produce Bordier butter compared to 6 hours for industrial butter.

Made with pure Sicilian olive oil. Olive trees grow in the best possible conditions in Sicily, where the natural environment consist mild winters, a warm climate, and bountiful sunshine. Olives are hand-picked and pressed with the lemons simultaneously. This allows the aromatic essential oils in the lemons to blend optimally and harmoniously with the olive oil. 

Bordier Lemon & Olive Oil Butter has a silky smooth texture. It adds a hint of freshness and mild tanginess to risottos, seafood dishes, and steamed vegetables.  

Allergens: Milk


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