Huilerie Beaujolaise produce 100% natural artisanal oils at a traditional mill in the Rhone Valley of France. Their raw materials are carefully selected from mostly French sources. Each of Huilerie Beaujolaise oils is built around one single ingredient, delivering the real sense of a pure and intense fruity or nutty flavour.

Virgin Hazelnut Oil has a strong nutty flavour, doused with delicious praline and earthy undertones. Hazelnuts are crushed and cooked for 45 minutes, then pressed for 3 hours. This slow extraction method preserves the natural flavours of the hazelnut. After several days, the oil is decanted and filtered. Virgin Hazelnut Oil is excellent for salads, with goats cheese, or for finishing starchy foods.

Allergens: Nuts.

May contain traces of Sesame.


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