Valrhona is an internationally recognised brand, known, used and enjoyed by the very best chefs as a realisation of the best of chocolate.

This is part of Valrhona's sharing and home-baking range.

Caraibe 66% was Valrhona’s first regional focused couverture taking in flavours of Caribbean cocoa at its best. Developed in 1986 as a major push towards the current push toward full sustainability and transparency in chocolate. Caraibe 66% has a beautiful balance of sweetness and roasted nut notes, leading to a soft woody finish. This is perfectly paired and blended with roasted hazelnut pronouncing the soft banana leaf sweetness of the chocolate. This 1kg bag of Caraibe is perfect for smaller batch making and home chefs alike.

Allergens: Soya.

May contain traces of Milk and Nuts.


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