Leader in caviar production in France, Sturia owns its own fish farm in Aquitaine, southwest of France. They control each step of the process, from sturgeon breeding to caviar maturation.

Sturia rears both Oscietra and Baerii caviar sturgeon, roes are hand-selected, washed in clean water then lightly salted before reaching maturation. This slow maturation allows black caviar to develop its natural hazelnut notes and length on the palate, a stunning luxury addition to any dish - or just on its own!

Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii species, named Oscietra. Refined between 3 to 8 months. Oscietra Sturgeon Caviar is famous for its golden green sturgeon roes that melt in the mouth and unique notes of buttered nut and avocado.

This black caviar is beloved by many Michelin Chefs around the world and especially in the UK. You can find it in the most prestigious hospitality establishments. 

When serving Oscietra Caviar make sure that is chilled well. In order to maintain the chilled temperature, you can serve black caviar in the bowl of ice. The best spoon to use for the black caviar is either pearl or wooden. Try to avoid using the metal spoons because black caviar absorbs flavours. This product is very delicate. 

Serve the Oscietra Caviar in a traditional way with blinis and sour crème or crème fraiche. Black caviar can be perfectly paired with a nice French Brut Champagne or with vodka. 

The best products to pair the black caviar with are smoked salmon, boiled eggs, burrata, potatoes, lobster, Carabineros prawns.

Inspire your inner chef with our recipes using Oscietra Black Caviar: 

Scallop Carpaccio with Caviar

Beef Tartare with Caviar

Grilled Lobster with Seaweed and Caviar Sauce

Allergens: Fish

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