The Beluga Caviar by Sturia is one of the most prestigious caviar selections in the world. It has very unique large grains. They melt in the mouth, with an unrivalled length on the palate that is at once complex and refined.

Tasting it is a unique moment, reserved for a privileged few. Black Caviar is best enjoyed alone, by itself, using a spoon, to savour all its subtleties and complexity. Accompany your tasting with a some Vodka, a glass of Champagne or a glass of dry white wine. If, however, you want to add supports to your tasting, we suggest to select neutral products, such as blinis, crème fraiche, chunk of ratte potato, or soft-boiled eggs.

How to serve Beluga Caviar:

After having placed the caviar box on the top of some crushed ice in a dish, pry the box open (which is vacuum sealed) with a spoon.  When serving it, it is best to do it in a porcelain, nylon, wood or mother-of-pearl teaspoon rather than a metal one, as the latter oxidizes caviar and will absorb its flavours.

Keep in mind those two rules:

  • Black Caviar must not be cooked
  • Always place the caviar at the end of the dressing

Leader in caviar production in France, Sturia owns its own fish farm in Aquitaine, southwest of France. They control each step of the process, from sturgeon breeding to caviar maturation.

Sturia rears Oscietra, Beluga and Baerii caviar sturgeon, roes are hand-selected, washed in clean water then lightly salted before reaching maturation. This slow maturation allows black caviar to develop its natural hazelnut notes and length on the palate, a stunning luxury addition to any dish - or just on its own!

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Allergens: Fish


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