Francois Doucet

Francois Doucet

Created in 1969, François Doucet Confiseur is a family company located at the heart of Provence (South of France). 

Francois Doucet is one of major producers of French fruit jellies and chocolate covered confectionery (almonds, hazelnuts, fruit jellies, crispy cereals, raisins). Every ingredient they put into confectionery is carefully selected for quality and taste : 75% of the fruits they use come from Provence and 100% of the chocolate purchased is Trade Fair.

For 50 years, Francois Doucet teams have perpetuated and improved upon traditional confectionery and artisanal chocolate-making. Coating, cooking, moulding and their topi90echnical expertise produce exceptional confections with award-wining flavours and quality.

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