Didier Goubet

Didier Goubet

Didier Goubet are a family run company from Bordeaux and since 2005 they have been making grape juice from their traditional, organic old vines according to the standards of the Grands Crus du Bordelais.

Pressed immediately after harvest and with no added sugar or additives, from traditional grape varieties such as the Merlot, Semillon and Cabernet. Still the great quality you would expect from a Bordeaux vineyard, but without alcohol.

Used by sommelier and by the most famous Michelin Starred chefs all over the world, DIDIER GOUBET’s range is a wonderful alternative to wine and Champagne for all to enjoy!

FILM MAISON DIDIER GOUBET - English .mp4 from Maison Didier Goubet on Vimeo.

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