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Top 5 Tips how to eat Caviar like a King!
   12/14/2020    0 Comments
Top 5 Tips how to eat Caviar like a King!

When it comes to the caviar sometimes people don’t know what the best way is to indulge this beautiful product. Over here we will cover the main tips of how to take the most of this luxurious experience!

Tip 1

Try to find the best caviar on the market. If you are planning to spend money on this glorious product is always good to go with the best. So, your money spent well. At Classic Deli we are offering the best French Caviar-Sturia, the most sustainable on the market and used by the best Chefs!

Tip 2

Make sure your caviar is chilled well. The best to serve a tin of caviar on the table is in the bowl of ice. 

Tip 3

When eating caviar make sure you are using a pearl spoon or wooden. Caviar absorbs flavours of the metal spoon the same way it is absorbing salt. This product is very delicate, so you don’t want to ruin it. 

Tip 4

The Royal way of eating caviar is to eat it from your (washed) back of the hand.

Tip 5

Caviar is delicious on its own but if you like you can eat it in a traditional Russian way with blinis. Caviar can match with so many delicious food but the best accompaniment garnishes for the caviar are: Crème Fraiche, boiled eggs, Smoked Salmon, fresh herbs, oysters, toast and butter or if you like to take it to the next level serve it with the cooked Lobster!

We hope these 5 easy tips will help you to enjoy the most luxurious delicacy and will make you feel Royal when indulging this pure diamond with a glass of Champagne!


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