Valrhona is an internationally recognised brand, known, used and enjoyed by the very best chefs as a realisation of the best of chocolate.

This is part of Valrhona's home baking range.

Inspiration is a new range from Valrhona.  The first ever collection of fruit and nut couvertures. This new couverture is created solely with natural ingredients for vibrant colours and flavours, and naturally non-dairy.

With the development of Passion Fruit Inspiration , Valrhona’s experts were able to creatively replace cocoa with passion fruit, making it feasible to use passion fruit like you would use a chocolate.

Inspiration range can be used just like any other Valrhona chocolate couverture.

It’s perfect for combination with peanuts, can be used for baking and mousse. 

Allergens: Made in a facility that uses milk. Soya. 

May contain traces of Nuts.


Data sheet

Type of Chocolate
Fruit Couverture